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The Story of the Valknut Logo

Updated: May 31, 2022

When we work with you to improve your business, you'll hear us remind you that "everything speaks". From the manner in which your receptionist answers the phone to how clean your office building is when we arrive. It all sends a message! Similarly, your marketing is typically the first experience a customer will have and we can help you in this area as well. Ensuring that you're sending the right message, at the right time, to the right person is critical. As an example of what we mean, you'll see companies that will have hidden meaning in their logos, whether it's a more philosophical smile from A to Z, or it's incorporating how many favors of ice cream you offer right in the initials of your company name, a logo can say a lot! We have given ours a lot of thought and since you found this page, we figured we would share. Our logo was actually selected without the realization that it is known as a Valknut, an old Viking symbol representing the god Odin. As luck would have, among other things, Odin is heavily associated with wisdom, healing, knowledge, and victory and is considered the leader of the Viking gods. As your partner in business, these are all of the positive traits in business that we are here to help with. The path of Odin is not always an easy path, much as any great leader's path is not. In the end, the only promise is that when done right it would be worth the struggle and worth the journey. The logo for us started with much different reasoning. The logo is comprised of three intertwined triangles. Each one representing its own piece of the puzzle.

  • The upper left triangle - Represents the Employees

  • The slightly lower right triangle - Represents Customers

  • The base triangle - Represents the Company/Leadership

​Together, each has its own story, expectations, and contributions that will either make your company a huge success, or a flash in the pan. With our guidance, we can help ensure that success is in everyone's future.



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