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About Steve Ross Jr.

Updated: May 31, 2022

I’ve spent the past 20 years working in and around call centers, hospitality, and casinos. I am eager to bring all of that knowledge to you and do what I love most: Fine-tune your business and prepare it for success!

For years I have led Customer Service departments which needs to be the heartbeat of the company. This gave me the drive to become an inter-operations expert to best serve customers. It also exposed me to ‘industries’ inside the casino like fine and casual dining, nightlife, entertainment venues, hotels, and spas. Each came with its unique set of challenges to understand, but I was lucky to learn from some great experts in each area.

Since that time, having worked or consulted for several start-up businesses has further equipped me with a new perspective of building things from the ground up and having them be successful. These same strategies have worked for start-ups and struggling businesses that were on the brink of losing everything.

If you’re looking to achieve best in class results, we would love to guide your business in:

• Customer Experience Journeys & Mapping

• Hospitality Operations, including operational excellence in:

• Hotel

• Restaurant

• Spa

• Nightlife

• Special Event/Concert

• Retail

• Contact Center

• Full location build-outs

• Software Procurement & Programming

• Quality Assurance Programs (Training & Coaching)

• Workforce Planning (Forecasting & Staffing)

• Organizational Structure (Hierarchy & Roles/Responsibilities)

• Marketing Review & Recommendations

• Communications Continuity Planning

• I-Gaming Expertise in:

• Casino & Sports Betting

• Customer Service & Operations Support

• Fraud & AML Policy and Procedure



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