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Integrated Experiences specializes in retail, hospitality, entertainment and gaming.

Updated: May 7, 2022


Customers need to buy things! Hopefully, they need to buy your things… Integrated Experiences can work with you to ensure you’re telling your customers how great your product is and why they should buy from you. For companies with physical locations, we can teach you how to empower your team so your not constantly having to be at the store. You started your store to work on it, not in it.


Hospitality is about quickly building an amazing relationship between your guests and your company. The policies, procedures, systems and strategies you use to do them should never be the guest's problem, Integrated Experiences helps you streamline your organization in each area to achieve the perfect guest experience every time.


Integrated Experience can help make raving fans out of every visitor to your venue! The show starts when you sell your first ticket, not when the first performer hits the stage. Your fans are looking for a great time, we can help ensure no crossed-wires in making that happen. From advertising, ticket sales, load-in/out, to food and beverage and the show itself, we keep you plugged in.


Whether it’s sitting at a slot machine or their favorite table, or holding a phone from the comfort of their couch, Gaming and iGaming is a popular form of entertainment for millions. Integrated Experience has been in the industry for over 20 years and we’re prepared to help you ensure a responsible, safe, and fun gaming experience for every player in your database.


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