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Professionals never cease to learn new skills.

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Monthly Masterminds

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No matter what stage of your business is at, it helps to surround yourself with experts.

   • Who can afford their own for Board of Advisors?

   • 10-20 experts giving me all their tips and tricks would cost a fortune!

   • That’s why we created the SBO Mastermind!

   • Each month we meet to discuss and solve problems that effect so many small businesses.

   • All for a fraction of the cost of even one expert.

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Small Business Owners Mastermind

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Whether you’re just starting your journey into management, well underway to becoming the next CEO or looking to grow other leaders, the Future Leaders Mastermind is a great resource to learn and develop your skills! We meet monthly to learn new skills while also solving existing problem.


If you’ve ever wanted a personal mentor, here’s a chance to get 10-20 people guiding you.

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Future Leaders Mastermind

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Integrated Experiences started in a contact center!


The "Making Contact" Mastermind is our way of paying it forward. Each month we meet to discuss the latest tips, tricks, strategies, and software for:

Workforce Planning, Quality Assurance, Soft skills & Training, KPI Monitoring, and Coaching.


Don't let the lack of an in-house expert in these areas prevent you from accelerating your contact center!

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Making Contact Mastermind

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Great people make great companies!

That’s who we’re here to support.

Monthly meetings to align on:

   • Employee Engagement & Relationship Building

   • Bet Practices for Difficult Situations

   • Creating a Culture of Value and Inclusion

   • Many other HR topics

Big companies have specialists in every area of HR, you probably have a generalist wearing 100 hats, this mastermind can guide you (or them) towards success.

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People & Culture Mastermind

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